UK e-Health Week: A HIMSS EVENT

   OLYMPIA LONDON - 15-16 MAY, 2018

May 15-16, 2018 | Olympia, London

Stretched by LHCRE but fired up by the opportunity it presents

The last five weeks have been something of a blur.

Such a short amount of time to build and nurture the relationships necessary to be in a position to submit a strong Local Health and Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE) bid has stretched every cohort that has been created all.

But now, reflecting on the process, I’m massively excited for what the future holds.

LHCRE, designed to speed up the integration of health and care records across health systems, has given the digital health community a chance to do what it does best, but hasn’t had a proper incentive to do since the changes in geographic structures and the removal of the strategic health authorities a decade ago.

We have worked together as digital leaders and professionals with the sole aim of finding new ways to improve care for patients. Our local organizational loyalties have been left at the door, replaced by a collective desire to find new ways to join up the geographically fragmented system that causes so much frustration to the people it was set up to serve.

In some ways, it feels as though pulling together the regional LHCRE bid has been a microcosm of UK e-Health Week.

Like-minded people have met to showcase our local successes and learn new things about the work of our colleagues in other parts of the NHS regions. We’ve talked about what works well and where we could do better. We’ve made new friends and forged new relationships.

At UK e-Health Week I’m looking forward to what I believe is the natural next stage of LHCRE – spending quality time with members of the ten bid teams to understand different approaches to the process we have been through and learn about the new ideas that it has helped us all to generate.

Ideas are the fuel that drives the work of healthcare technology professionals, which is why another aspect of this year’s event is something I believe we should look to support and get involved in.

To celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday, HIMSS UK are encouraging anyone with a story to tell to come forward and share. Stories about the digital journeys they’ve been on or experiences they have had. From the national submissions, seven people will be selected to talk about their experiences in seven minutes – a first for this kind of event and a real signal to us all that good ideas can (and often do!) come from absolutely anywhere.

Seeing the next cohort of digital innovators share stage space with today’s senior leaders is a signal of intent we should all welcome with open arms, so much to do and a time for the next generation of leaders to push their way to the forefront!

So, having started this blog mentioning a blur, it seems fitting to sign off with another one – the Damon Albarn version.

UK e-Health Week is a time for the digital health Boys & Girls to get off Lonesome Street and Come Together to inspire and learn from each other. Let’s face it, There’s No Other Way.

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