UK e-Health Week: A HIMSS EVENT

   OLYMPIA LONDON - 15-16 MAY, 2018

May 15-16, 2018 | Olympia, London


Marcus East
EVP & Chief Technology Officer - National Geographic

Marcus East is Chief Technology Officer at National Geographic – one of the largest digital brands in the world. During his time living in Silicon Valley, East pursued his passion for technology, developed a deep knowledge of agile management and learned about successful approaches to digital and innovation.

At National Geographic Marcus is responsible for the organization’s digital product and technology teams, including embracing the power of the cloud as an alternative to traditional applications and developing a new platform called “CHIP,” driven by micro-services and the use of server-less computing.

He has pioneered new techniques to understand and digitally target different audience groups and is playing a leading role in the development of National Geographic’s ‘Deep Ancestry’ DNA testing programme.

In the early years of his career at IBM and Apple he learned how to build world-class technology, then as Marks & Spencers Global Digital Director he helped the company harness the power of IT.

Marcus East’s mum was an NHS Nurse for 40 years and retired as a ward sister. Here she is meeting Margaret Thatcher.

Proud son of an NHS Nurse, Marcus East was born, raised and educated in London. He is excited to be speaking to delegates from all over the world in the city he loves at HIMSS UK eHealth Week 2018, Olympia London. Marcus will be sharing his experience of helping to keep a 130-year old brand at the forefront of the international technology space and exploring how to develop a digital culture within the NHS.


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Marcus East, EVP & Chief Technology Officer - National Geographic

Theatre 3
Wednesday 16 May 2018
14:00 – 14:45

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